Chapter History

1 :: A New Home

Nozomi and her grandfather move to Tokyo and begin setting up their apartment. Nozomi learns that life in the big city will not be easy.

2 :: A Brief History

The history of the world, as told through legend by the Beasts.

3 :: The Interview

Nozomi interviews for a job as a maid and meets someone new.

4 :: Cat & Rat

A scouting mission! Plus, Nozomi gets to know Ichiyo.

5 :: The Five Finger Discount

Nozomi visits an old acquaintance...and gets a new TV!

6 :: The First Day of School

Nozomi goes to attend her first day of highschool at Omoikane University Highschool.

7 :: The First Day of School?

Nozomi tries homeschooling, meets some new people, and tries to beat them up!

8 :: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ichiyo and Nozomi go hunting for bad guys on the train.

9 :: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Nozomi decides to go to school, anyways.

10 :: Why Can't We All Be Friends?

Koya sniffs around the apartment building and Ichiyo confronts Nozomi.

11 :: Our First Case

The girls hear that there are poachers in the area!

12 :: The Game is Afoot!

The Beasty Girl Avengers begin investigating the mystery poachers!

13 :: Guarded

Koya keeps guard at Ichiyo's house.

14 :: Shall Old Acquaintances Be Forgot

Nozomi, Ichiyo, and Grandpa head off to Iga for the summer.

15 :: Iga: The Grand Tour

Ichiyo wanders Iga and Nozomi recalls some events in the past.

16 :: Back At My Old School (Part 1)

Nozomi gives lessons to the Middle Schoolers back in Iga.

17 :: Back At My Old School (Part 2)

Nozomi has an interview with the Mayor to discuss her future in the Organization.

18 :: Fallout

Nozomi and Satoshi each deal with the advice they have been given by the Mayor.

19 :: Wounded Animal

We look back at the history of bad blood between Nozomi and Satoshi.

20 :: The Things We Don't Do

Satoshi calls out Nozomi, and the two meet somewhere to "resolve" their issues.

21 :: The Strange World of Foxes

Koya moves back in with his parents and we learn a bit about foxes.

22 :: That Time I Colluded with the Nationalists

Ichiyo catches up to Koya, trying to find out more about the attack on her house.

23 :: It's All About Impressions

Nozomi does some publicity for her high school.

24 :: Sources of Income - Part 1

Nozomi and Agent Adzuki meet at a film studio to practice an infiltration.

25 :: Sources of Income - Part 2

Nozomi and Special Agent Adzuki make a business proposition to a local business.

26 :: Things go South

Rumors abound at Nozomi's school, forcing her to put her foot down.

27 :: Made Wrong

Nozomi finds herself ostracized from her classmates and tries to find out why.

28 :: The Power of Humility